Trans Pride Brighton, July 2017

I originally started this site in 2002 with the intention of documenting relevant parts of my experience while I was transitioning.

Although to a large extent I did so for my own benefit (I quite enjoy writing), at the time information for UK trans folks was fairly scarce so I hoped that sharing information about my experience of transition might help or educate others.

So much has changed for UK trans folks since then, so I guess those pages now effectively document a small part of the history of experiences of our community around the turn of the century.

That period is now long behind me, and now I'm just getting on with life. I've done lots of things since: not least starting a software company, volunteering on a heritage railway, ministering in a church, speaking at conferences, learning to love running, trying various styles of yoga and even (very unexpectedly!) being named the "Planet Trans 2019 Person of the Year".

It's been fun, so far! Along the way I've changed a lot, which is very cool indeed. Although I'm far from being the same person I was 18 years ago, I'm still fascinated by the same things - technology, science, nature, books and (increasingly) people.

Needless to say I'll gradually add other things to the site as inspiration strikes, so don't be surprised if links to code repos or other stuff pop up.

Regardless of why you are here, I hope you find the site useful.


The Techy Bit

This is a custom PHP site (no CMS!) running on Apache and written myself from scratch using as a starting point a model-view-controller skeleton project and the Simple Responsive Template by Prowebdesign.ro.

This is actually the third site I've written this way - the others being tdor.translivesmatter.info (a memorial site to support Trans Day of Remembrance vigils) and riverblade.co (my company website).