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Welcome to my blog, which I started way back in December 2002 - long before social media was a thing! With the advent of Facebook, Twitter etc. I don't write that often here now, but you never know when I might feel the urge to do so.

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Rest in peace, Joan

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've just had some sad news. Joan Adams - who I met briefly in Chonburi in November 2003 when I arrived for my reassignment surgery - has passed away.

It was quite sudden. She recently had a heart attack, and apparently during a subsequent bypass operation it was discovered that she had an lung cancer at an advanced stage. Although hoping to start chemotherapy to continue her career in nursing, she sadly lost her fight for life last night.

I only met Joan once but she was certainly not someone you'd forget in a hurry! Although outspoken, she was intelligent and highly articulate, and had a bright future ahead of her in the medical profession. She will be sadly missed.

I can only hope she's found her peace now.

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