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Welcome to my blog, which I started way back in December 2002 - long before social media was a thing! With the advent of Facebook, Twitter etc. I don't write that often here now, but you never know when I might feel the urge to do so.

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A bit of a new look

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reigate Hill
Reigate Hill

Well, it seems pigs do indeed fly...after a long period (we're talking years) of dithering about it I've finally got around to re-theming the site. The changes should be pretty straighforward, but if you notice anything weird just drop me a line and let me know.

The blog commenting scripts still need a bit of an overhaul before turning them on, but that aside, the only bits that haven't been re-themed are the old photo galleries. Everything else is new and shiny - courtesy of the good folks at

I'll try to sort out the blog scripts next, but the old photo galleries will probably have to wait until I've worked out what to do with them - and how to re-implement them. In the meantime the aim is to look into writing some new (predominantly non-trans related, this time) content.

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